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The McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada

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In 1971 the City of Oshawa celebrated the 100th birthday of one of their greatest citizens: Robert Samuel McLaughlin. He was known as “Sam” and had been instrumental in bringing General Motors to Oshawa. His father had moved his carriage business there in 1877. It grew to become the largest carriage manufacture in Canada. In 1908 the McLaughlin car debuted with Buick engines and chassis. In 1915 The McLaughlin Motor Car Co. was sold to General Motors.

In the early 1970's the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa was headed by Jack Mann and sponsored a very successful Can-Auto Rally for local owners of antique automobiles. The idea of a McLaughlin Birthday Celebration, to be held in conjunction with Col. Sam's 100th Birthday was suggested. June 20th, 1971 was to be the big day.

The celebration saw McLaughlin automobiles paraded past in review for Col. Sam as he sat under the trees beside the driveway of his estate “Parkwood”. Over fifty McLaughlin and McLaughlin-Buick automobiles from as far away as Michigan and Montreal were assembled with almost every year of production being represented.

Once the tour past Col. Sam had been completed, the cars returned to the Canadian Automotive Museum to be placed on display for the general public.

The celebration had been very successful and enthusiasm was evident for the formation of a club for owners of McLaughlin and McLaughlin-Buick automobiles, and an annual tribute to Sam and the McLaughlin automobile.

Jack Mann headed up a Steering Committee Meeting October 29th 1971 at the Canadian Automotive Museum. Numerous meetings followed with the creation of Bylaws, Committees and a publication to be called the Accelerator in memory of early McLaughlin publications.

The first general members meeting was held at the Genosha Hotel, Oshawa, January 29th 1972. Jack Mann was elected President and Dave Mitchell Vice President. Membership numbering was alphabetical with the first ten honourary membership and given membership number one.

In July 1972 Jack Mann resigned from the Canadian Automotive Museum and the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce. Dave Mitchell stepped up as President.

In 2008 we set out to recreate the original event, so at the end of a weekend of tours and our other usual events we all gathered together to parade through the streets of the City of Oshawa. With well over 120 McLaughlin Buicks and Buicks this “once in a lifetime” celebration of the 100th anniversary of the McLaughlin Buick at Parkwood, in Oshawa, Ontario, was a spectacular success.

In brilliant sunshine the cars were staged and sent on their way from the Oshawa Centre to Parkwood Estate drawing many spectators. Upon arrival at Parkwood the pre-war vehicles were parked on the grounds with the post-war cars just across Adelaide St. in the St. Gregory Church parking lot. There was great interest in every vintage of vehicle with the cars being constantly surrounded by the crowds of people attending the event.

Mention should be made of some of the early members of the club - Bob James, MBCC #37, served as the sparkplug that gathered many of the McLaughlin owners that made the Birthday Celebration Parade so successful. Bob also returned to be our Parade Marshall in 2008 for our "100 Years of McLaughlin" Homecoming. Bruce Forester, MBCC #7, served many years promoting membership in the club. Dave Mitchell, MBCC #9, contributed significantly to the runnung of the club and served on the Board of Directors untill December of 2015.

Purpose of the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada

  • To help preserve for posterity the McLaughlin and McLaughlin Buick name and automobile.

  • To develop a reference library on McLaughlin and McLaughlin Buick cars.

  • To provide a means of exchanging ideas and information on McLaughlin and McLaughlin Buick cars through a bulletin or newsletter.

  • To organize an annual “coming home to Oshawa” for McLaughlin, McLaughlin Buick and Buick car owners.

  • To help maintain a permanent record of the Canadian contribution made by Colonel McLaughlin to the automotive industry of North America.

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