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Oshawa Valley Peony Festival, 2009 - Oshawa, Ontario

Originally published in the Accelerator, volume 39, number 1, July/August 2009.

The sun was shining in the Oshawa valley on Sat and Sun of the 13th and 14th of June. It was beaming off the chrome from the McLaughlin and Buicks which were displayed at the Peony Festival. Bill McLaughlin's beautiful 1929 McLaughlin Buick, Alain Cot-tereau 1932 Buick sedan, and Bob and Doreen 1937 McLaughlin Limo.

Ron Stevenson came with his Beautiful McLaughlin Coach and brought some rather unique antique outboard motors. There was a lot of interest as the cameras were flashing. You couldn't have asked for a better day as the entertainment flowed. There were the old time fiddlers from the Oshawa Whitby Fiddle Club. The Horseless Carriagemen Chorus serenaded the crowds as they perused the gleaming metal monsters from a time long past.
1908 to 2008 plaque
My own 1941 Buick looked so sleek and swift in comparison to Wayne Hilts elegant and grandiose 1933 McLaughlin Sedan. There was such a range of wonderful old cars that piqued the interest of both car enthusiasts and just plain folk in awe of the classics before them

The Peony Festival was a great success and much of that was due to the fine display of McLaughlin and Buick automobiles that generated many questions and also information which was given by the many people who attended

A good time was had by all, of coarse there was the occasional incident as everyone wants to touch for whatever reason. You expect it from the kids but the parents should know better. Although the incidents were far and few it did make for a rather hectic day on Saturday as Sunday was much easier as the crowds weren't as large.
The following Sunday Parkwood sent over some models in period dress which created a further camera frenzy as everyone seemed to wanna take a step back in time.

Gorgeous ladies only enhanced the beauty of those luxurious machines. There was even a little time for a good hard fought game of croquet and then of coarse a picnic in the valley among the lovely peonies.

story and photos by Bill Parkin
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